Library Management - Lite Edition

A simple, Yet complete library management software.
Built-in e-Book facility to maintain online books.
Multiple administrative logins available.
Members can login at any time to perform their specific tasks.

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PHP Encryptor with Setup

Protect your PHP sourcecode with this encryption utility.
Pack includes both encryptor and setup builder.
Single DLL Architecture includes both decryptor & cache.
Rotary Conference Management

Conference management software - specifically designed for rotary clubs.
This can be custom designed to suit your needs.
Project Collections

Project collections software - designed for educational institutions.
Admin controllable.
Designed to run on a single server - by directly storing projects on Harddisk.
Message Server

Built mainly to send SMS & e-Mail Messages.
Acts as a server. A 3rd party client can connect with this software to send messages.
Supports duel-sim on a mobile.
Supports both mobile and internet based SMS sending.
e-Training Kit - Lite Edition

Maintain list of students - class/section wise.
Students can practise objectives via self-exams.
Implement live exams - both objectives & descriptives.
SMS Client is now enabled. Staff can easily send messages to parents.

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